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based in Hannover.
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My Story

Thoughtful, innovative, creative, wholehearted, individual,
cooperative, real, independent, on an equal footing
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Here is some of my work. Feel free to take a look around.

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— hey. I´M


A ´86 kid, born in Oldenburg.
Living and working in Hannover.
… not as angry as it sounds.

thinking it through –

from start to finish


Since 2015 i work as a freelance graphic designer in my office in Hannover. Here´s my place for thinking, sketching and designing.

Print & Screen

I like the different haptics of paper and fabrics and do not see it as just a medium. I involve it in the process and the final product, as well as different printing methods, like offset-, digital- or screenprinting.
Although a screen can be a useful medium, it just need to get used.


Beside graphic design, music is my big passion. I play instruments for more than 20 years, recorded several records and played a few hundred shows on small and big stages untill the hindmost corner of Indonesia.

Cups of Coffee

I love strong, fresh brewed espresso

Active Work Hours

If you love your job, you often can´t stop working

Broken Pencils & Full Sketchbooks

Always sketching on paper to work out ideas

Professional Service

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Got A Question?

Do you want to ask me something.
Any encouragement or just an hello?

You are always warmly welcome to get in touch!
Just drop me a line and i will get to you as soon as possible.

+49 (0) 176 968 12 677